Wormholes Explained – Breaking Spacetime


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To support Kurzgesagt and learn more about Brilliant, go to https://www.brilliant.org/nutshell and sign up for free. The first 688 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription. Are wormholes real or are they just magic disguised as physics and maths? And if they are real how do they work and where can we find them? Sources and further reading: https://authors.library.caltech.edu/9262/1/MORprl88.pdf http://www.cmp.caltech.edu/refael/league/thorne-morris.pdf Support us on Patreon so we can make more videos (and get cool stuff in return): https://www.patreon.com/Kurzgesagt?ty=h Steady: https://steadyhq.com/de/kurzgesagt Merchandise:  https://shop.kurzgesagt.org Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cRUQxz Facebook: http://bit.ly/1NB6U5O Twitter: http://bit.ly/2DDeT83 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2DEN7r3 Discord: https://discord.gg/cB7ycdv The Voice of Kurzgesagt: Steve Taylor: http://voice-pool.com/en/english/ The music of the video here: Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/2B6EOnE Bandcamp: https://bit.ly/2MBHzyM Facebook: https://bit.ly/2GIoZlH THANKS A LOT TO OUR LOVELY PATRONS FOR SUPPORTING US: Big Skapinsky, Liam Wenzel, Juan Gonzalez, Grigory Sarnitsky, Brandon Cleary, Amanda Hutchings, Siddharth Amarsee, Maciamo Hay, Nick T., Gabriel Correa, Matthew McAteer, Javier Silva Calvo, javier canella, Gergely Szakács, Pernox, Alana leonhardy, Tommi Moilanen, David DiGiovanni, Jack Bernstein, Jonas Steen Nielsen, Thomas Pyke, Gizem Ozdemir, ShiroiYami, Alice Bater, Ennio Sialiti, Alexander Evans, Eric Chan, Peter Noort, Adrian Haslinger, Tomasz Różalski, Miro Cibula, Lyle Jeff, Sunil Pai, Aurélien Delaux, Piotr Pałek, Øyvind Helland, Khloudalahbaby, Nicola Larosa, Dave, Montant, Eli V, ryan oberfield, Iain Garioch, Janina Lamøy, Saurischian, Zachary Osman, Cody Douglas, Can Berk Güder, Jason Lin, Eric Lugo, Emil Hjort, Luuk Perdaems, Brandon Carraway, Zack Methven, dava, Gauthier Muguerza, Tim Andreev, Robin Gielings, Mihai Anei, Pranab Kumar Mishra, jeong-min, An, Nerijana, jongre1512, Mike Levy, David W., Jakob Stams, Linda Yancey, Leo White, John, Justin Boh, Thot, Matthew Dyet, Andrei Stefan, Patrick McKelvy, Kervan Govender, Rajiv Cruz, Peter Duncan, Ramsey Elbasheer, Zhuang Miao, Brayden Sola, frikinside, Yasmeen Mawlawi, Loic Rebillard, Nicholas Miller, Philipp Bergamin, K. Gustavo Carlos, Albin, Connor Wilson, Talal Al-Khaldi, NURO, Durham Goode, Christopher Hadley, Sean Holland, iulian constantin, Pumpk!nH34D, Douwe de Jong, Jens Baumann, Vladislav Aleynikov, Joshua Olson, Andrew Boggs, William Wu, Andrew Mckinley, Eric Burnett, Benjamin Bromberg, Barry Costa, Philippe Ryll, Barbieri Davide, Claire Baldauf, Ondrej Debreceni, Benjamin Sairanen, Elija Peterson, Eki Hassa, Ryan K. Allen, Ville Vuorela, Reinhold Dunkl, Gloria Hope, Matti Hanberg, Moritz Roell, Marco Schmidt, Trey, Jiesi Ren, Maurice Simmons, Simon Sardeson-Coe, Sam Day, Orphansmith, Noah T Blanchard, Gerald Balla, Yannick van Andel, Khaled I. Johari Help us caption & translate this video! https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCsXVk37bltHxD1rDPwtNM8Q&tab=2 Wormholes Explained – Breaking Spacetime

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: There's brand new stuff in the Kurzgesagt Merch Shop. Check it out here: shop.kurzgesagt.org

Kieran: 0:19 Sound Like The Magic From Highschool DXD

juliet delacour: i don't want to be pessimistic but i think exotic matter would destroy, crush, kill, obliterate, slay, murder, annihilate, wipe out, exterminate, annul, neutralize, ruin, shatter, crucify, pulverize and vanish any trail of our existence of the entire universe, ya know man it ain't sounds good for me

Nguyen Quan Tran: Funny Valentine and Johnny Joestar joined the chat

Madan Shrestha: Is kurzgesagt type5 civilization?

alex liu: but then exotic matter would push us away from the wormhole, wouldn't it? then it would still be impossible to create one

Theodore Villamin: So basically It’s weird

Giles Whittaker: 300,000 habitable planets one God!!!

Giles Whittaker: Worm holes, see your local garden. And my friends the bumblebee queens. G

Giles Whittaker: New tab

.yva: unrelated but i am thoroughly mad at youtube for giving me a trump ad. it actually offends me that youtube thinks im right winged... 🤢

N S P: 3:29 lmao

Lingna Baboon: I wish i can stay alive to see humans yeet themself into wormholes

ice the irken: 7:22 Is that a Stargate reference I see?

kareem boundok: If so, why didn't we ever observe comingout materials through any shape similar to black hole ?

Taka Beatz: V a p o r w a v e

GD LixDay: Holy shit now that a parallel universe has been discovered I'm pissing myself

kanika sharma: Kuch Samajh nahi aya but sunke acha laga

hab eang: Wormhole does exist it's in my backyard quite a lot actually.

Mr.X: *Do wormholes exist?* *Kurzesagt:* Maybe?

ILikeMemes: you can only see wormholes on the ground

Seiamak Noor: This dude really likes pigeons

Troy Rosin: Me: Just steal Rick's portal gun

Just a Crab: All I'm getting out of this is if we can make wormholes and the string theory is true that means the portal gun is possible...

Brendan Vega-Shoemaker: This is something people are working on?! Amazing!!

Timetravel 2004: Just because we can't prove wormholes exist doesn't mean they don't exist. The truth is nobody knows what would happen if you jumped into a black hole or wormhole. Also sometimes people experience time slips or slips into alternate realities. Hakan Nordkvist is an example of someone who quite possibly slipped through a wormhole and met his older self in person in the future. Of course only Hakan knows 100% weather or not his experience was real and then there is the urban legend of The Beatles Everyday Chemistry cassette.

Mr. Doom Turtle: It’s 3 am and I’m bored. So I must eat

Ruby Gratitude: The birds looks so cute

Scratchfan321: The singularity (Where we upload our conscious mind to a machine) can't be made since it would only decay with time. We must use nanobots for self repair (near immortality), and build on other planets. Humans are now realising what they have done - some don't seem to care. Anyway, I'm mentally breaking down and say we should make wormholes.

Arthur Lemos: Imagine watching this two days after finding out that Parallel Universe is a actual possibility

Busto: 7:38 i like that easter egg

Erlind 90: The best video until ever. That retro music though

Klunky: You ever just realise sometimes this channel makes no sense and it kinda feels like they are spewing science words to sound smart

that guy: I am high as a kite right now

Guilherme Medeiros: Now that NASA discovered evidence of a parallel universe, I think this video makes even more sense.

Caitlin Bannister: Every video features those futuristic birds 😂

Alex Cyber Crazy: I think there is way to many assumptions used.

erijon basha: Ok let's say that if u put exotic matter in a wormhole to keep gravity from closing it works but wouldn't it keep you out aswell

Christian Milam: I had a dream I was in a sort of "waiting room or world between worlds" where I saw a bunch of different wormholes basically with a bunch of worlds.

Bilal Moin: Why youtube is suggesting me this video after i watched DARK

Lucifer xo: Exotic matter is just social distancing itself...SMH...

Attila Györki: My favoruite episode! Best music! Best topic!

killer enemy: So in other words we need strong gravitational pull stronger than black hole to open WORMHOLE

Prince Barz: ORRRRR use sonics coins

Hyperthesis: "You'll only become dead 💀"

Saberian Dream: 5:08 - 5:14 You've given me the hilarious mental image of stepping through the Stargate to take a leak. Thank you for that.

Common Z: I remember when i was 7 back in 2007-2009 i Was in my living room and all a sudden something popped up and i went through it it felt very strange and it was colorful the speed was really fast after that i dont remember i dont know if it was real but it was a Experience of my life

meme review: Hmmm my nether portals

Ava Sutton: what if there was more than1 universe

Akshar Pandey: make a video on time travel

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Wormholes Explained –,Explained – Breaking