The Best Mouse for Laptops!


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The best laptop mice and mousepads I've used over the years. MX Anywhere 2 - MX Anywhere 2S - MX Master - MX Master 2S - Razer Orochi - Jetech - Surface Mouse - Sculpt Comfort - Razer Kabuto / Goliath Pad - 3M Precise Mouse Pad - Razer Mamba - Music Credits: Fili - Up Coast If you want to support the channel, consider a Dave2D membership by clicking the “Join” button above! Purchases made from store links may give me some money. (It doesn’t cost you extra, so please buy everything)

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Chi tiết

Xem bảng giá tên miền tại Chi tiết

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Dave Lee: Wireless mice... Less cables = More awesome. Even the $12 ones are solid. Thanks for the 👀 2d fam!

Srikar V: Meanwhile in a parallel Universe The best mini hooman for your computer

Screen Patch: I use steelseries hero 310

Tony Z.: Apple mouse = the worst. Whoever likes it is blinded by Apple marketing or never tried Logitech Anywhere 2s.

Dhillon Dhass: ..... “Oro - Qi?”

Random Dude: I got the mx anywhere today before watching your video

Daniel: isnt the logitech m705 a cheaper mouse with horizontal scrolling?

ARI ATH YF: If you care for your health avoid wireless, specially unnecessary kind like in peripherals.

Kaan Apan: mx anywheres do not have middle button on the scroll wheel. This *must* be mentioned.

Tae Hwang: good

Bik Kei Lau: 你说话好温柔哦哈哈哈

Emperor AD: Orochi pronounce oro"chee"

Sparky: Dave should do a 2020 version of this

M.C.D.: I bought the 3m mousepad because of Lee's recommendation and I can only say: STAY AWAY! Extremely overpriced for what it is and it makes the same amount of noise as if you were rubbing the mouse against a plain surface, like wtt?! So definitely a no go if you want to use it in public libraries, for example. So it simply doesn't feel like it does its job at all!! The only thing nice about it is its size. But then again it is too thin, it just feels like a very thin piece of cheap (expensive) plastic.

Bearoh: “This thing sucks” Me: glares at apple mouse

Brutal Marshmello: Title: ‘The Best Mouse for Laptops’ 2:09 : “This thing sucks” 😂

The Plush Channel: I got an anywhere 2s for 60 australian

Evan Daniyel: Mice!?!?!🤣🤣🤣

HenryPlayz: The Apple mouse is just uncomfortable.

Lucas Keyworth: "If you're using a wired mouse, you're doing it wrong." I use a Razer Mamba TE for my laptop... ;-;

Victor: I bought the logitech anywhere 2s (since it there was a deal one it) based of your recommendation. I could not be any happier. It works so well with MacOS. Thank you Dave!

EndermanZ2Fan: razer orochi = mouse for small orphans

Michael Ndudim: I bought mine because of your recommendations. Thanks you, however I apologize for not using the affiliate link as I bought the refurbished one which was slightly cheaper (same price as the anywhere mx 2)

ray venom: I was expecting vertical mouse bruh.....

Andrea Gaoiran: whered you get your desk lamp? :)

Dazel Furnus: Do a 2020 version lol

Daniel Nixon: It doesn't cost you extra so please buy everything. Why

Yong Ching: Da best!

HRM: How about the logitech g703?

SleepyPillow: Apple mouse of the battery is very good it can use for 2 weeks without charging

Garrison: The video was really choppy and I didn’t enjoy it

Ernar Jandos: You just litteraly roasted apple

Technical How!: Apple sucks

Arif Billah: Logitech M590 Silent Plus is my favorite

trexy crocs: But can you jitterbridge with them

Rawan Abo-egila: updated version, please?

Sleeping bag man Studios: I’m soon getting a surface pro and was looking at getting the arc mouse, but it would be a hard no if I can’t get it on sale. This is a great video, thank you

Edison Krasniqi: Maybe it is up to preference, but i can not use any other mouse except Apple Magic Mouse 2, once you get used to it ofc

googlestopaskingformyname: I need a touchmouse that is able to scroll horizontally on mac. Anyone? I'm using the Logitech T630 but would like to get something that fits better in the hand

SueLyn Cheang: Full review of the mx anywhere 2s please? :)

Prankster Gangster 381: I prefer dongle not Bluetooth

Matas Kart: Any Logitech mouse. I haven't watched the video, did I get it right?

Nick Soong: Everyone should watch this if they’re going to use mouse support on iPadOS 13.4.

Carlo loke lim: im using a razer lancehead te lol

Alvin Domanais: Hope there is a new one for 2020.

Ryan Matthews: we bought the anywhere mice for our staff at my last job. they suck so bad. yes, the battery lasts, looks good, uses unifying... the problem is the clicker. it starts double clicking everything after about 6 months of daily use. out of the 50-60 that we ordered, i'd bet 50% were warrantied and replaced. seriously, almost every week a new user had the exact same issue...

EnhancedNightmare: Please don't forget to comment on left hand use or ambidextrous ability. Its pain to look for this info

mn nm: 70 dollars not expensive 4 dollars is an excellent mouse in my country

bannajirocks: mx331 is amazing mouse with silent clicks

michup86: Dont buy Razer products. Razer higher price than competitors does not translate into quality neither premium treatment. Razer support and warranty is the worst among all competitors. Razer warranty is almost non-existent and they will drag you into shady process of proving it is not your fault. Also time to resolve your problem can take months. Check reviews on Internet of their support it sits on most places on 1 ouf ot 5 with 80% ratings. Also Razer warranty is only for 11 months for most products compared to two year warranty on all competitors. But it gets even worse. There is now product warranty but first buyer warranty. Check their website. Only first buyer is eligable for warranty and only in the country of its purchase. Warranty considerations should be part of every review and rankings! Razer has the worst. It is not worth to have arguably "better" mouse with more fency lights of finish than have the same quality mouse but with actual warranty. Also forget you get any warranty from Razer if you bought mouse second hand or in different country or moved to different country. Again, check yourself. Visit Razer website and search for guarantee of product of your interest and compare with others. Also check Razer support review. No need to thank me!

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