How to Configure a Static IP Address in Ubuntu 18.04 Server


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Find this helpful and want to say thanks? Why not buy me a coffee? How to Configure a Static IP Address in Ubuntu 18.04 Server In Ubuntu 18.04 network configuration is managed by Netplan and it’s causing a lot of confusion and frustration for people who aren’t aware of the change. Most people just want the short answer so here it is, you’ll need to know the IP address, gateway and nameservers. 📒 My YouTube Video Gear 📒 - Microphone: - Camera: - Audio Interface: - Interface to Camera cable: - Headphones: - Webcam: - Key Light: - Fill Light: - Editing PC: 📒 Software Used to Create this Video 📒 DaVinci Resolve: OBS Studio: 📒 My Amazon Wishlist 📒 If you found this video helpful, and you'd like to treat me to a coffee or Lamborghini 😂 then check out my Amazon wish list. It's never expected but always appreciated, cos getting unexpected stuff from Amazon is one of the coolest things ever. 📒 Follow me on Twitter 📒 I developed automated tools to identify daily tech trends, and tweet what's currently trending several times a day. Follow me on Twitter to see what's trending. This video is NOT sponsored. Some product links are affiliate links which mean if you buy something we'll receive a small commission. #ubuntu #server #tech

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Adam Sculthorpe: Find this helpful and want to say thanks? Why not buy me a coffee? :// I'll think about you when I drink it. Cheers!


BM Krissh: Why isn't this working for me on Ubuntu 18.04 which is a VM on Win10 Hyper-V?

Samuel Montero: how to set again in dhcp?

Heinrich Ludike: Sadly it seems YAML is really pedantic about the use of spaces if you have one space too much or too little. It will not work! Check that easy to miss error.

Heimdall: Hey, thanks man. I wonder why do they keep changing things. Instead of making stuff easy, they just cause more problems. Morons!

Unreal MC: Why i don't have the etc folder?

Nieuwsfeed: thanks ! hope you can make one with static routes <3

GrandAlchemist: dont forget sudo when opening the .yaml

João Faria: Awesome Thank you, now show us how to add static Routes =P God Bless

acrbands: Adam you just saved another computer from being thrown out the window, thank you sir and God Bless.

Shining Knights: You are an absolute babe my friend

Marcos F. Molina: Thanks a lot, man!

Caleb Terry: This video just saved my computer from being absolutely smashed into a million pieces with the wrath of Thor. Thank you Adam Sculthorpe. You are a gentleman and a scholar. The spacing and indention was what really got me but following your video worked first try.

Phuc Coi: /etc/netplan: No such file or directory why?

Alejandro Gandara: Thank you for your time... Great Job!!!

Sergey Bespomestnykh: thanks

A. S.: Worked like a charm. Thanks!

Enrique Becerra: Hi Adam. Does 18.04 installer have gui to configure netplan automatically? And finally, how do you set your fixed ip in "addresses" line in case you don't know subnetting? how do you set the correct value? Thanks

Ozzy Sideika: Highly recommend doing editing the file in a text editor so you can see the clearly if the file is incorrect.

Daniel Dixon: The Ubuntu team really screwed up this IP configuration. Can someone explain to me why the configuration change? I tried doing everything in this video and the damn thing don't work. When running 'sudo netplan apply' it give me an error that says it is missing ":" in certain places and in my text file I have carefully made sure all ":" are in the text.

Kindi Subarkah: so if we setting bind9 using enp0s3 or eth ?

معن سليماني: do I have to specify name-servers ? If I don't want to what do I do

Isaac Rosario Durán: Thanks, you saved my life! I tried to set it up using the old way and i spoil my server down. Now is working again

Pete C: Thanks for this!

John Doe: Thanks for recommending! It looks interesting. I'll give it a try.

Bible Study With RK Brown: I’m trying to network an old laptop running Ubuntu Mate18.04 via FireWire. Could you point me to a webpage that could help me? Or could you possibly make a video? Thank you either way.

Sam Holst: Oh wow, I like yml way better than the interfaces.

Nathan Clarke: I've followed this and many other tutorials and i'm continuously getting "Error in network definition //etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml line 0 column 0: expected mapping" I've not used any TABS and my config file looks identical to yours - Any help would be appreciated at this stage.

Youness Tabib: ty

Andre Cole: Thanks!

khaled ismael: thank for this video , how to change the interface name from ens* to eth*

Fernando Lopez: thank you very much for your help

Ritari2000: It took me a while to realize that one must strictly follow spacing/column order to get a proper config file

furriephillips: Nice, informational video, thankd. Watched it at 2x

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