Play Overcooked Co-op ONLINE On Any Device


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Parsec - Parsec lets you play any offline co-op game online with friends. All you have to do is install the software on the host's computer, invite your friend to join, and start playing together. In this video, our co-founder (Benjy) is in NYC, playing with his friend, Marcus, in Colorado. They're not the best at the game, but at least it gives a decent picture of how two people can play together online across the country with Parsec!

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Chi tiết

Xem bảng giá tên miền tại Chi tiết

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Parsec: ATTENTION! EVERYONE FINDING THIS VIDEO NOW PLEASE READ: This is an old video, but YES you can make Overcooked 1 have online multiplayer! Just go to and download the app. It works for anything you can set your mind to. Co-op games that don't have online (like Overcooked and Enter the Gungeon) as well as tons of other things. Parsec is NOT just limited to Steam. You can use anything, even flash games. Head on over to our "How to Get Started w/ Parsec" video to begin learning the app. Once you get it down, it is easy and we can almost guarantee as long as the host has a good connection, you will enjoy! Every use is situational however so there may need to be some settings tweaked for a peak performance. Just join our Discord or hit us up on Facebook/Twitter if you have concerns or need support! Thank you! Link to video: ://

brayan roa: hl broo como hago para jugar asi con mi amigo

Stephanie Wu: My friend is able to see my screen but she can't control anything in Overcooked? How do we use separate keyboards to play?

Bruno Guzman: But how?

bershk4: failed to host overcooked -1407 please somebody help me...

Eve Lindsey: Can u play overcooked multiplayer on a laptop?

Vaddak: I want to play overcoocked with my friend with parsec but we can't

Youssef Bouhou: The host is no longer online ?

Yeerzo: I can't connect to my cousin becouse II don't Have WiFi but my WiFi is 1 meter away

LosHa TM: It keeps giving me error

C rim: you are gay

Clara Bou Mansour: My friend and I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the 6023 error and it still shows up everytime one of us is trying to connect to the other's pc. Was a complete waste of time

Vex: Is it possible to each player use his own keyboard? When I was playing with my friend we had to use divided keyboard online.

DL_aMino: it want me to confirm if i am a it says maybe click al pics that have a traffic light i do it like 10 times...nothing confirm...

KosiareK: I want to try it with my friend and... - he can't join to me or I cannot join to him, all time error 6023, maybe help?

Yasser Atwan: I can't believe it's so fake thanks man I didn't know PS4 can run windows application gg

Zeta0013: what to do after u download the game streaming thing?


André Gobi :D: how???????

TTV_Dragondon27: How Do You Play if your on pc

Rostyanski: How to play together? Make video how to join to friend !

Mat: Thanks you man :à

Maha Al-Assaf: My friend & I got the game on PS4 but we couldn't invite each other.. how do we invite in this game to play online ?

Just How?: Any device? Ps4 is a device😢

Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi: How is it an online game if it's local...

Luxgesicht3: Don’t understand I can Connect with my friends but they can’t control anything like they can watch how I play.

Fyn Morse: Says I can't get it on Xbox

MinFirez Man: you might not answer this but is it possible to play with my friends who play nintendo switch, two pcs, and an ps4.

ileaveubutthurt: Will the new sf5 update affect parsec? They are changing how controls are accepted in the game as I understand.

RashadZ: My PC can't run Parsec as a hosting client, I think its because I have an Intel Graphics card.

AntrAcsA: You need Parsec for PS4 :P Will be creat if we can play PS4 co-op games on PC or other platforms.

MaVu: When my friend is trying to connect to my computer, he always gets disconnected how to fix it?

ing12542 SFM: can it work if we both use PC to play?

Potato Birb: So you only need 1 player who owns the game out of 2-4 people?

Ladyyy Black: Your a hero man, me and my best friend got this game and coudnt play it together and u made it possible ty <3

Tony Shen: how do i play on nintendo switch?


Averroes N: It works! Thanks a lot!!

Robbe Simons: on my friends computer its says : windows cannot access the specified device path or file windows 10

TheSameDufus: Does this work on Xbox One?

MrTML1996: Do both people need to buy the game?

Valhalla Teh: anyone wanna be frends

KoKo Puffs: If one of us was on a ps4 and the other on a computer would this work?

Allan Nguyen: How do i use discord with my friends without them hearing themselves?

emoni: can we both have keyboards?

Yurai Yahiro: It doesnt work. Whenever I want to join my friend it says that there is a initialize error: Make sure you have updated the server to your latest gpu drivers. I dont know what the program wants from me x) It doesnt work...

Burrito: I tried everything, Nvidia gamestream, moonlight... Nothing compares to Parsec! You guys keep this up. It works so good!

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Chi tiết

Xem bảng giá tên miền tại Chi tiết

Hosting giá rẻ tại Chi tiết

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