Creating a Local LAN with ZeroTier


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How to create a local LAN to play video games or securely administer servers. Better than Hamachi ZeroTier: Vultr:

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Eric VanLandingham: 47 minutes to show us how to install and connect zerotier? Geez man, wtf.

Calvin Delaney: Would this work over lte?

HK: thanks a lot, helped a bunch

GTFOiamalvl7elf: Great stuff! This helped out a ton now that our company is having us work from home.

Tanmay Singal: You have a lotta buncha buddies

Daniel Wijaya: Thank You so much .. this helped me alot

JXGaming: linux is just painful

Максим Авдеев: Nice tutorial, thanks. In windows, the client will run once the user's session is running. In order to make your server running a session automatically after restart use 'sysinternals autologon'. Another option is to try to configure zerto tier one to run with system priviledges

brandonprows: 19:59

Cédric Paire: Salut, si tu passes par là, j'aimerais un peu d'aide. J'ai fait un réseau, je suis membre, mon ami aussi, on se ping 80ms. Mais impossible de se voir en jeu...

zahev: When I'm setting the Metric, they say we need the an IP, so I use my local IP (192.162.x.x) and the subnet mask (, and Now I can change my metric, then I told my friend to do the same (but he used his Local IP and His subnet mask so he could change the metric), but it's not working, so my questing is, does he neet to insert his LOCAL IP and SUBNET mask or should he use MY local IP and Subnet mask to change the metric?

Himezaki: I sooo want to have a LAN party with people using this. I wish there was one centralized place where people post for specifically playing games on the local LAN. Would breathe life into old games!

Gilbert Belt: Who play's Blur??

MaynardKeenanX: Yeah people always make sure to reboot after you install to make sure its proper discoverable

Gary George: can players connect by adding their node instead of using ip

Romy Pistachio: Hey, Matthew! I found your tutorial very helpful, thank you :) I've spent some time and I want to provide an instruction explaining how to change the default route metric on Linux, as you've got the issue with it. Here it is, for you and your viewers! ! The following instruction will be for NetworkManager users (check if you have /etc/NetworkManager). ! Do NOT just copy&paste without understanding what you're doing. Check the manual page of 'nmcli'. To change the default route metric, open a terminal emulator and follow these steps: 0. Execute command " ip route " to see your routing table 1. Execute command " nmcli connection " to see your network connections 2. Find out a name or a uuid of the connection you want to modify 2.1 Either execute command " nmcli connection modify <CONNECTION'S_NAME> ipv4.route-metric <NUMBER> " 2.2 Or execute command " nmcli connection modify uuid <CONNECTION'S_UUID> ipv4.route-metric <NUMBER> " 3. If needed, you can do the same to ipv6: 3.1 Either execute command " nmcli connection modify <CONNECTION'S_NAME> ipv6.route-metric <NUMBER> " 3.2 Or execute command " nmcli connection modify uuid <CONNECTION'S_UUID> ipv6.route-metric <NUMBER> " 4. Refresh your connection: 4.1 Either execute command " nmcli connection up <CONNECTION'S_NAME> " 4.2 Or execute command " nmcli connection up uuid <CONNECTION'S_UUID> " 5. Check your routing table by executing command " ip route " Sources which I've used to make this instruction: 1) 2) :// Hope it'll help somebody out c:

fbifido fbifido: Can you do the bridge network using ZeroTier? I like this video, but I did not see any real-world example in which the end-point is behind a secure gateway. Note: you have to open port UDP-9993 & TCP-9993 in your Egress section. it's like MPLS: (it does not show my local IP, my router, my public IP, my ISP, nothing, just a direct node connection) C:\Users\MyHome>tracert Tracing route to pc99 [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 146 ms 128 ms 139 ms pc99 [] Trace complete.

fbifido fbifido: any change to ZeroTier in windows need a program restart (just quit ZeroTier and start it back).

Eykha: Helped me a lot, thanks ^^

Eric Frederich: How do you change priority of networks on Linux?

Robertson Joshua: thank you a lot, this finally helped!

Akshay Jain: Hi Mathew, I need your help in a stuff which I believe you can help me with. (It's related to Linux and Proxy Setup). Please let me know your Telegram / Skype? Thanks.

P. Alejandro Alandia: Matthew great job! Thank you Very much for the video! I am an user of ZT and I love it.... actually i have to learn more over security things like isolating nodes or making ACL rules for some endpoints to prevent Virus and Malware expansion, any idea on this?

Christopher Scanlan: Set this up to access my Unraid server remotely. Works perfectly.

BossBeneBaby: Awesome Video. Maybe it was a bit confusing for people that are not unterstanding networking as good as you but for me it was just perfekt to unterstand. Learned a lot Thx. :)

Isaiahmag: So basically for instance if I wanted to play Command & Conquer with some people and could only do it lan this would work?

Derian: Thanks a million for this guide! Really helped some friends and I with continuing our old LAN parties while people move around and schedules got more crowded.

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Chi tiết

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Creating a Local,a Local LAN,Local LAN with