TYT Network Hits 1 Billion Views


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Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian took time to address commenters in the TYTLive stream, mentioning that the TYT Network has hit a billion views, and will hit that milestone for the TYT main show soon as well. Thanks to our viewers for sticking by and helping TYT grow. TYT Army Too Strong! Support The Young Turks by Subscribing http://bit.ly/TYTonYouTube Support The Young Turks by Shopping http://bit.ly/XhuNqO Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/OkX87X Buy TYT Merch: http://theyoungturks.spreadshirt.com/

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Ryan Heaney: I've been seeing this on the commercials, and needed to check out the episode. I love this old school set and miss the fact that Cenk et al used to swear.

Lee B: it would be interesting to see how many of us foreign views there are i suspect quite a few because its one of the few US broadcasters that talks sense most of the time The others eg Fox are just demented crap. telling out and out lies and passing some of the most moronic comments i have ever heard so called journalists make.


Derek Liu: it's not a billion people

Magnus Brynhildsen: you still a naaaab

TheUnchainedMind: This won't do, you know? You have a tough life ahead of you with this kind of attitude. Go in the corner and reflect on your actions.

Magnus Brynhildsen: Just retarded naaaab

TheUnchainedMind: Would you care to elaborate on that or do you suffer from verbal constipation?

Magnus Brynhildsen: retarded comment

TheUnchainedMind: You know, it's usually a good sign for a scumbag when he gratuitously insults other people for no good reason whatsoever. I'm curious, might I know what exactly makes me an idiot in your eyes?

Magnus Brynhildsen: idiot

HOLIDAY112: what do you mean?

HOLIDAY112: That's their most viewed single videos, it doesn't represent a majority of their views. Also you don't get subscribers and returning viewers without the political stuff :)

jan caestecker: i wish the people in Belgium would make this kind of media

TP: We just hit one billion views on the main channel alone

TheUnchainedMind: Are you kidding? It's a billion views, not subscribers.

XxxxBEELZEBUBxxxX: oh. sorry

mattchuck91: Happy holidays!

Firstm Lastm: Wrong again Bob! TYT views have gone down.

Gwynbleidd: yea. ive watched like 30 of their vids in one sitting a few times.

TheTaintedWisdom: I swear to god I got the exact same response when I introduced friends to TYT. I just put on my coolface and said I didn't get you hooked on TYT, TYT got you hooked on TYT.

Elias Abrahamsson: yeah but you have like a million videos so...

Flag Football: Not a billion people, a billion views. You obviously need to go back to 3rd grade.

nicewknd: If you are "pro-life" I would suggest you work to eliminate poverty and insist on health care for all as a right. But that would me actual work for most "Christians". BTW Organized religion is on its way out so enjoy it while it lasts.

nicewknd: Yup, our lap dog corporate media is not doing their job.

nicewknd: Spare me, I am "pro-life" in my personal life, but I like you would never impose those ideals on another. If you are serious about reducing the number of abortions insist on honest sex education based on biology and low cost or free birth control.

rippleseed: In an ideal world those billion views would be a billion people and those billion people would donate a $100 each to get Cenk and the tyt crew into the white house. Then real progress would happen.

Legendary504: there whole network has a billion views when just one video GANGNAM STYLE is about to pass you

Gambingo: And then you see gandam style...

nicewknd: Well publicly funded abortions are much safer than the ones done in an alley with a coat hanger.

Tim Herbert: All deserved. Watch u guys on my phone b4 I sleep. All the best pals

richardlyew: its a celebration bitches, come over here and show TYT your tittys haahahahahha. congratulations TYT

SplitGoose: I don't remember you exposing me as an idiot.

JKSJKS1: Well done TYT

ranelproductions: At least you did it before the Mayans

Andrew Brennan: One billion people better educated in social, politics and financial matters - can't be a bad thing.

ekhaat: I think the only one exposed as an idiot here was you. BTW, who is Cent?

RdClZn: Almost as much as Gangnam Style! Go TYT!

wndw2000: Every time that I see the dislikes on TYT's videos, I always think it's the same fifty or so people that dislike every video. And I think to myself, "Haters gonna hate"

KillJesus: Not yet. I pick out the corn from it and string it with a needle and thread. I then wear it as a necklace, proudly displaying it to my friends. Is that too far?

MrVidsAllDay: Oh lmao, sorry hadn't seen that. I gotta defend my boy John, even if he might be a perv =D

SplitGoose: So.... Do you personally want an apology or something?

LightningSparrow: I LOVE YOU GUYS! <3 TYT Army getting bigger and bigger. :D

FAILocracy: 50% of which are from users who were tricked by TYT's misleading titles and thumbnails in to watching commentary on the video they were actually looking for.


nec123tr: +1 here

Laszlo Vajda: I knew thre was an Austin Powers reference coming.

XZDrake: Cenk, you are one of very very few celebrities I will legitimately mourn the death of (hopefully in at least 300 years).

leo cal: I agree, Anna had more to do with some of those numbers.

1955RodHot: Taking nothing away from all the other hardworking people on this network, I'll gamble the views had a remarkable increase right after Ana came on board as a regular host. Congrats to you all!

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