Fractal Design Core 1500 Review


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Want it? Hey guys! Today Tom is going to be taking a look at the Fractal Design Core 1500, an mATX case from Fractal which really looks quite premium, but do its features match its looks? Stick around to find out more! Want to get anything nice? Use our link! International Links!: Subscribe! Check out my TopVideos! Patreon: Donations: OverclockersUK Affiliate link: Discord! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, using the link below or other Amazon affiliate links here. Private Internet Access (VPN): HUMBLE BUNDLE: Want a cool T-Shirt or hoodie? WEB HOSTING: Check out our awesome website! Bitcoin donations: 1PqsJeJsDbNEECjCKbQ2DsQxJWYqmTvt4E If you are interested in contacting us, then please email: [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible. #TechTeamGB About TechteamGB: TechteamGB is a long-running tech channel focused on high quality videos on PC Hardware and Consumer Electronics. We work with nearly all of the big (and small) names in technology, from Intel and AMD, to MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and more! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! If you are a tech brand with some new and exciting products, email Andrew at the address below - please include details of the products you would like reviewed/showcased. Also, if you are a brand looking to sponsor/advertise, please make this clear in your email. Otherwise, enjoy the videos! Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment on the first video of mine you watch and say hello - I'd love to chat with you! Fractal Design Core 1500 Review TechteamGB

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Chi tiết

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camelCased: Thanks for the review. I'm curious, is it better than Cooler Master N200 or Corsair Spec-M2 ? I like Fractal Design 1500 for features and quality, but the front panel is slightly boring, I like FD 1000 front better but the case itself has some important weak points. So, I"m still in doubt among Spec-M2, N200, FD 1500 and Thermaltake Versa 15 / Versa 13.

Anna Webb: I know this is old, but I superglued a rubber sheet that I cut into circles onto the feet.

Kenneth Zacharias: will it fit 160mm length PSU? Seasonic m12ii 520 bronze evo

treio8594: Jesus dude you talk way too fast.

Emmanuel Rodriguez: H105 in the front of the case? with the 2 HDD trays removed ?

Vesselin Krastev: The 2500 is the same price. It's identical except it's a full ITX case. So even though my MOBO is MITX, I'm thinking I'll get the larger case so I can use it with larger MOBOs in the future. I'm I right?

wanderingcat: What are the dimensions of this case?

賢治: "no peuw peuw lasers".... LOL

Ben Lim: got my feelings cheated thanks to this case... was planning to get it for my build... the website says its 370mm. when i went to the shop and measure it.. its 370mm alright... EXCLUDING THE FEET.. so total height is around 380++.. that 1 cm meant alot to me cuz of the area i wanna fit my system into.. on the other hand.. CM Silencio 352 was a few mm shorter than they advertise... so i had that instead

Yofatboy123: Core 1300***

Stevn O: Woah, surprised to see a 6870!

Alex Stoica: The case is decent for the price  but the cable management space is not much.

Liubo Mir: Hello, I'm thinking of getting this case for my build. Just wanted to know if there are dust filters positioned over the additional (empty) fan slots on top and on the side? Thanks.

George Popovic: Can I install an optical drive in this case?

Coďák: Can I mount a radiator on the top of the case ? But I want that radiator and fans doesn't cover anything on motherboard.. Is there enough space ?

Josh R: Picked one of these up for $40CA...never even had heard of it so your review helped me decide whether it was a good case for my needs. 

iBurley: Very helpful, thanks! I think this case will be the star of my next budget gaming system build and wanted to know a bit more about it, you were the only review to cover the important things like the feet, dust filters, that I'll need a lower profile CPU cooler to be able to use the side 120mm fan, and that the hard drive cages can be taken out (I need maybe 2x 3.5 inch hard drive slots and will likely use that 2.5 inch mount on the back of the motherboard tray. All in all you've pretty much made my mind up on this case and gotten everything about the build process out of the way. I'll be sure to mount my SSD before putting the PSU in, and I'll be sure to order a lower profile cooler. Again, thanks a lot.

Joe Panico: Slow down, and open your mouth when you talk so others can understand you! Aside from that, the video was a fairly worth while watch......

Abdulmohsen Asiri: Hello, can any power supply fit in there or do i need one of those smaller mATX power supplies ?

Curtis Stark: Not to bad

ΛΞPHAX: Great reviews, just need a better mic and it would be full on PRO.

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