UniFi Security Gateway / USG Speed Test with Firmware Version 4.4.12


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CoolRaul: I am trying to decide between the usg and the usg pro. I have a gigabit up and down from Verizon Fios , I was told that the regular usg can only is this true? Do I need to get the pro because of my gigabit with fios?

Henrik Håvardsholm: Cool, I have seen some other place, that this thing only manages max like 300mbps internet lines.. So i have 500/500, and that would actually work on this then.. But i already bought a EDGErouter4... So if I buy thism I would not need the router then.. Sad that the EDGErouter4 is not unifi, so it have to be managed in its own.. I just got this now, so im not 100% shure how it works yet, correct me if im wrong :)

Георгий Гагнидзе: Hi there. Thank you for very suitable test. Can you please test Hardware Offloading of IPsec? How fast will it be? Thanks in advanced.

Michael Daradar: how many ip address can handle this kind of device

Alexander Rikmanis: please test with QoS ON

c0re: I feel like the USG is bypassing DPI on the iperf transfer. Look at the total data transfer on the dashboard DPI bubble - 20GB. Each iperf test is transferring over 6GB of data. This is certainly skipping DPI somehow and still running with hardware offload.

Tony Sutton: Could you also test this with the beta firmware for USG and enable IPS - see what performance it can do?

mark householder: thanks again for testing...this is/seems a more accurate iperf3 test based on my recent testing...try this ..iperf3 -R -c bouygues.iperf.fr -P10...its round trip and seems best for internet routing speeds

Jamie Warren: How many clients have you seen on these little mules?

Marcelo Massarente: What impact turning QoS on has on the performance with this firmware?I heard that was a big limitation beforeRegards

Adam Fritzsche: How does one of these stack up to pfsense? I am on the fence of which way to go. I don't really need all the advanced features that pfsense offers. The only additional feature of a router that I am looking for is the ability to send most of my traffic though vpn (PIA most likely) but not things like the PS4 and Netflix. My understanding is that the USG can do this, but it will mostly be done via command line? It does not seem to be as well tutorialized and as straight forward as doing this in pfsense.

QUiKSR20: I currently have an Edgerouter / Unifi AP setup + Gigabit Fios and it performs great but everytime I see a USG video and I then login to my Unifi Controller im wishing the rest of the features were lit up... Is the edge router still the better router? Im always so tempted to move from the Edge Router Lite to the USG but I keep coming back to reviews saying " The Edge is the better unit " ( software wise, I think hardware they are the same ).

Marfelt: Well I guess that answered my question. Thanks :)

Harold Holsappel: You're not testing LAN to WAN; you're testing LAN to LAN. Since this is switched and not routed, this test proves nothing. Really appreciate that you make these vids, but this one need some work :)

mark householder: thanks for all you do Lawerence and nice video, ......respectfully,  the complaint isn't internal routing, its to the internet?

mark householder: you guys are much more educated in networking than I am, but I have a netgear r9000 on Comcast gigabit service, I am getting 940 down and 42 up, I installed the USG (I pay for three IPs from Comcast just so I could compare) and only get 620 down and 38 up, so USG may route quickly internally but seems to really be a bad router to the internet if you have gigabit speed...

Anoroc Suriv: What is Thoroughput? DO you mean Throughput?

Unkyjoe's Playhouse: My USG performs wonderfully even with DPI turned on.

Diavuno: But what kind of vpn traffic can it do with standard aes256? This takes most units to their knees!

J EJ: I've heard mixed reviews about the usg in the past with some pointing to the EdgeRouter as a far superior device, but these results seem really good. Has Ubiquiti made changes/improved the performance of the USG?

Dennis Pillow: Does the Edge Router X have the same results?

David G: Once they have IPS, this would be perfect.

David G: Notification Squad!

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