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Browse securely while on any network! Setting up your own VPN server is surprisingly easy when you have the right steps. We'll give you peace of mind by showing two ways to configure a OpenVPN server at home. Got an OpenWRT router or pfsense box? You're well on your way.

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Chi tiết

Xem bảng giá tên miền tại Chi tiết

Hosting giá rẻ tại Chi tiết

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The White Community: Send your MAC address to the address in your email to get help.

Lucas Olmedo: Wholly he'll

Cpapa18: well you certainly showed how to do it on a mac, but not for windows, which is why I'm here.

Ray Losoya: Video vomit.

FastLikeUNO: The internal subnet mask is the subnet mask that YOUR home router uses. Typically its around or so, and the reason subnet mask exist is to get more IPv4 addresses out of the IPv4 addressing scheme.

Ebira Entertainment Channel: Hello, in this book I’m going to teach you how to create your own VPN business, I’ve put a lot of effort in this book and I hope you like it and your business gets as popular as Cloud VPN. Please note that not all problems you can encounter are explained in this book. ://

Skemiil: i dont know if you guys noticed but the guy on the left has white stuff under his nose..... is that coke??

rozita madadian: best vpn ://

Turf Surf: Are you guys playing porn in the background?

happeR Productions: I recently found out about a free VPN network named Skywire ( But don't let it's free status fool you. It's similar to Thor but is a lot faster and has 10,000 nodes in the network for you to choose from. Just thought I should share this alternative solution here because everyone deserves a decentralized internet.

Karine Johanne Charlot: Thanks for the video. What kind of speeds can you expect from a home made VPN ? (Let's say from one wired computer to another remote ethernet wired coputer ?) I've been using the Open VPN function from the Synology EDS14 and can barely pull 30Mbps out of it. (my upload is 200mbps FTTH). I was expecting more. Next I'll be trying next from a Rock64 running OMV.

Friemeltjes: How do i use my wifi at home as a vpn server to use at school to bypass filtering

Evgeny Fishgalov: I am surprised DD-WRT didn't get covered!

Rafael Gonzalez-Sosa: WHAT KIND OF LAST NAME IS HAND?!

pi-duino: Do you guy's have a setup for the Raspberry Pi Linux? I have extra Pi's, so I'd like to have this setup for ALL of the computers and Tablets in the house going through the Pi. Only drawback, (i'm guessing) is how slow it might make all devices in the house?

Notetiva Nobisukae: can use vpn free internet from home?

Terrapin: There are so many advertisements for VPN services in this comments section. I guess that tells us which ones are bogus. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

John Doe: I rather pay for it, this would piss me off lol

radarvectors: Explain what and WHY you are doing what you are doing....

Yardley Urbanek: This VPN solution known as “fetching zonet com” (Google it) functions efficiently. I didn`t have any issue installing it and it is quick. I had it for a year, and have registered again already. This vpn service provider is my favorite it protects my pc from online hackers and viruses on the net!

Yule Jandreau: This VPN service “fetching zonet com” (Google it) has been my choice for more than Three years. This VPN service is merely wonderful! I acquired an Amazon gift card and purchased One year membership. You just have to log on to home page to obtain the code. It functions perfectly. You can easily disconnect and reconnect to another location.

Yardley Urbanek: This VPN service “fetching zonet com” (Google it) is the best for me. Usage and installation is not hard. Allows accessibility Google in places where it`s blocked, and speed is great. I am a low bandwidth user, but I just updated Fb & it downloaded within seconds, exactly like at home. I strongly recommend the service, I really like it!

Zephyr Morales: I would give five stars to this VPN service “fetching zonet com” (Google it). I have been making use of it for 6 months now. I had difficulty loading it oftentimes before but I managed to correct it with the aid of their online service. The activation of the software program is straightforward and I did not have trouble with hooking up. What an amazing service! You need to use it too.

Nestor Guerrero: saludos amigo desde colombia

JB Grenouille: hi !~!! ... any idea how a can install in LHG5nD ??? mikrotik

Fr1nc3sc41: All this personal security through the use of a VPN is based on an Internet provider's ability to continue providing the Internet connection. However, for people with crypto-currencies, who tend to be more paranoid about government intervention in the financial transactions around the world, the collusion of central banks to eliminate cash as they assist governments in their suppression of individual rights to retain control at the hands of the powerful totalitarians to repress and destroy everyone's independence, as well as the rest of possible cataclysmic interventions from nefarious interests, what would happen if in their malevolent intervention government thugs decide to eliminate everyone's access to the Internet and it suddenly goes black? How would having a VPN assist anyone in accessing the crypto-currency database of the holder's choice???

Michael Rodrerick: you guys talks a lot and for teaching is anoing try to input information and you guys saying bs

Varun Prasad: Started at 1:52

rose lewis: nice

Youssef Li: this channel needs a come back

Nathasakorn somchit: By doing one of the processes above, I can have a free vpn without paying a monthly sub to the vpn companies?

ZoommaiR: I understand VPN's from the standpoint of connecting to your home network over a secure connection, or connecting to a VPN service, but I don't understand what you guys are doing here. Are you guys creating a VPN with your ISP? Whose private network are you directing your traffic through? Thanks in advance!

King: How do i create an Open Private Network?

RobertoRobinho030612: Hi guys, can you help me, I am browsing on internet how to make vpn server on my netgeaar ready nas 102. There is app for the ready nas when I open the server I download the app and after I dont know what to do. Please can you make a video how to do it? or help me... I have mac osx sierra Thanx

Web Ninja: Well, yes it's free but very slow and not secure and not quelity, if you realy need to change your ip address and surf anonymously use HPA VPN, there is no better thing. ://

VPN: To protect and keep your online activities private , using a VPN is the best way i use Hidemyass vpn service :// is a good vpn to use

Mufeed VV: Secure the Access to your Servers Via VPN access, get protected from Password Thefts! Get A VPN Connection Now!!! I am using a VPN connection from datasoft. visit for more details.

P. Wingert: Netflix is now blcking all encrypted VPN Connections so yo u must now turn off your VPN to watch netflix

VPN REVIEW SPOT: after watching this video, i still couldnt change my ip but :// helped me built my own vpn and i could browse securely from anywhere

SELFIE MADE ENTERTAINMENT: the best and easy to use VPN server is HMA: ://

Brittany Nicole: I dont really know what this video is all about, but if you're really concern in setting up a stronger VPN, then I will recommend :// because it works better for all the locations listed

Jacqueline X -: you two are super nerdy but i love ya anyway :). Good vid

Nazmul vlogs: can i get your mail id plz

fpsfreak: i was wondering how would i vpn from android tablet(straight talk service) to my home router? i want to view ip camera outside of router is archer c5

MrMus TangMan: turn that freakin music down.........

RevBiker Big D: can you put these VPN on an android TV box?

T4JZ: Is it possible to set up a router to be a VPN client?

Azeem Jameel: Say if u done some naughty things whiles using a vpn can it get traced back

iBubba: the gargoyle seems great but is unclear on how you get to that page...

The Omni Network: Can I use this for an Android TV Box?

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Chi tiết

Xem bảng giá tên miền tại Chi tiết

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