How to Prevent Buffering on the Amazon Firestick


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Do you experience buffering on you Amazon Firestick? In this video I tackle buffering and steps you can use to prevent buffering and keep you firestick running as efficiently as possible. Shopping list from the tutorial: Amazon Fire Tv 3rd Gen: Amazon Firestick with Alexa: Ugreen Ethernet adaptor: Compact OTG Hub: STAY SAFE ONLINE GET AN VPN - A Vpn can protect your privacy online. You can access content otherwise geo locked from you. You can disguise your location and also what you are browsing online. So your ISP will not know what you are browsing and what you are downloading or what you are streaming from. Click the link below for the VPN I recommend. Products I Recommend Amazon Fire Tv 3rd Gen: Amazon Firestick with Alexa: Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Data Hub: Ugreen Ethernet adaptor: Wall Mount Bracket Holder for All-New Fire TV 4K: ——————————————————————————————————————— Get all the LATEST APK's with just one click ———-Download and install Droidadmin from the Amazon store or from here ———-The Cb74 Store droidadmin number is 74747474 ———-Subscribe and Share ——————————————————————————————————————— For Buisiness Enquires: Email me: [email protected] FOLLOW ME ON Twitter FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK ———————————————————————————————————————If You would like to donate to my channel All donations are humbly appreciated. Thanks for watching and subscribe if you want to see more of this content...... its free! I am not associated with Kodi or any of its developers including third party.

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Chi tiết

Xem bảng giá tên miền tại Chi tiết

Hosting giá rẻ tại Chi tiết

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Stu's Tech Time: To get the BIGGEST DISCOUNT for a VPN for 2020 and help the channel too, at no additional cost to you, click the link - Thank you 🙏🏻

Michelle Phillips: amazon is TRASH

bomark 2002: Man I’m wire connected and only getting 46 Mbps? What can I do?

bomark 2002: I will try this and we shall see, after many attempts

ivan moody: Yo im at 330 mbps and Cinema free and cyberflix just buffer like crazy please someone help

Scott Reid: I turn that stuff off and on like instructed but when I restart the stick all them settings are opposite of what I set it too?Any fix to keep it right?

Tez Clark: Hi Stu, big problem with my connection and buffering, I do the speed test and it shows me 15mbps with vpn on with vpn off I'm getting upto 80 mbs and no buffering at all. Why should ipvanish crush my speed so much?

John Hickson: I keep getting the message " could not reach out servers to perform the test. You may not be connected to the internet" using FAST.COM....Can you please tell me why?

Plug aka Pete Vegas Raider: whats the download page for ustv please?

Mike H: Mine had it but it was in a different location

Will Gking: Dam mines on 13 smh

More•Than•The•Mic x: I dont have, Collect App Usage Data.. Ive looked everywhere...

Barney Mia: Hello, I would like to get this product. Very reasonable price, but I have a question. Does this product really show 4k images? ://

Amithabh Bachchan_official: 👍

Hannachi Chiraz: The best way iz *TRIXHAX. NET* (remove.the.spaces) *the v.8.21 seriously workS for me.

XeЯo: Everytime I watch a movie using VLC it'll play for 5 or 10 minutes then kick me off the movie

Andrew Hayes: I switched from a firebox to a Raspberry Pi 3b+ because the available ram for the cache was terrible, think about it you have the Android/Amazon OS running on top of the Linux kernel then Kodi running on that by the time you have Kodi running you probably only have 40% of the ram left so the amount left for caching streamed video is not very much, I have the Raspberry pi running Kodi on LibreElec, LibreElec is an OS. that only runs Kodi so theres no other bloatware running alongside, also I reconfigured the Ram available to video cache using TT Buffer Fix, the only downside is I can only get this program addon to work on 17.6 despite it saying it is compatible with 17.6 and up. I have recently upgraded to Raspberry Pi 4 which is equipped with 4GB of Ram whereas the Pi3 only had 1GB, my Kodi runs like a dream although I do have to choose my addons for live streaming carefully as not all have fast enough servers running the streams

Chris Mortimer: Check actual wifi speed the firestick picks up, if its considerably lower them what you get on your phone when you wifi test on that, then you've got a crap firestick..... which is not uncommon, as Amazon are cheap asses, and have built a lousy devices!! I know alot of people who have gotten crap sticks.

Health and Beauty: good

Miles North: Changing the protocol setting from UDP to TCP in my VPN worked for me: no buffering issues. Using Fire TV Stick 4K with Ethernet module.

Kenneth Freeman: Tv goes black screen for no reason. This happens randomly. Press back button and firestick goes back to home screen. I use Sling almost exclusively. I use Roku in another room without issue.

lupereyna alvarez: I don't have the " collect app usage data"

Lucas Pelucas: Good Job C

Carlo de Guzman: Im having problems with my Amazon Ethernet adaptor. Everyones says its a plug and play. So not true, its not being detected in networks. I tried everything, plugging it in a wall socket, disconnecting from wifi, even the whole turn off and on bs. Nothing. Any other advice?

Humble Printing: Unplug your firestick when not using it works and Using strong batteries works also

Mike Alvarado: Is it me or does GearsTV apk have better quality streams than Mayfair and reloaded? I switch back and forth and GearsTV looks better. Any settings I can change on reloaded to get better quality? Thanks in advance

Leon Sebetich: Great job

Cher0kee: She doesn't have the same options under applications. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Bubba Williams: His last recommendation is using a VPN. A VPN is not needed on a firestick. The end user, (you), isn't responsible for the content viewed on your device. It's the responsibility of the provider, (up loader).

Kevin Duffy: I'm with Vodafone and getting 80mbps on my Vodafone router app but fire stick is saying 20-30mbps. All I have connected is 2 mobile phones doing nothing and the fire stick. I'm thinking about getting a new router but roughly how many mbps should you be looking for to watch live streaming iptv?

Celina Moore: mine said 7.2. But I'm receiving in network properties 72mbps. Course my son and his family are in our house and they have a smart tv as well. My smart tv is connected to the internet. Should I disconnect it while using the firestick will that help?

frEEmaSoN!! dynasty synthetics: thanks ,, my fire stick is buffering like a mofo,, I checked my speed and its only getting 7.7 mbps,,,, shit

bob hope: In no way do these settings prevent buffering. Click bait Down voted.

Andy B: Thanks for the video, very informative... I see you've got an USTV icon in your on screen menu during this video. Is that the same as Could you please provide a link where I can find that APK?

Don Glatthaar: Two questions. First i ran in Firestick then on iPad. iPad was 41, Firestick was 23. I am paying for 45. Why is FS so much slower? Second, For me, “App data usage” is under “Privacy Settings”. When I turn it off, really tanks. Between 7-20. Never over. What gives?

GeorgeJansen: Ethetnet with cat7 cable is nice

Vic Sama: Hello, I like the site you gave, but by any chance do you know what site or application is hood for Spanish channels

c d: Hmm I have 100 mbps but when I run this it says it’s only 6.0 🤔

Ppp: Tip. Always eat yellow snow

rose anthony: Hello, I NEED more help. I followed the whole video and added apps , HOW DO I GET THE APPS TO PLAY ON MY TV? No use having them, I don't know how to open and play them. I want free TV to replace my cable. Is there another video I need to watch?

Legend- _-Mods: i get 12Mbps but 10 ms

L Archo: Recommend an all-in-one remote attachment for fire TV named SofaBaton, with this you can control streaming devices by one remote.

Alex Dixon: What's up with people saying vpns make your shit faster then some say it makes it slower ..... ????? I think it makes mine slower personally

Princess Sunshine: Fast internet is the best thing for your fire stick I have 2 and never have any problem even when it’s raining

Russell Huneke: Ehhhh sounds like dat gopher got caught in me lawnmower

Type 2 Gurl: My said 170. I still have terrarium with the Band-Aid/patch and it buffers non-stop. Is that because of the Band-Aid/patch? Also I just downloaded Cody with the blue magic build I believe that’s what it’s called and that is slow as molasses. So I’m confused

Property And Malaga: Down in good old Spain, we have 10 mega..... kodi impossible but Netflix sin buffering and youtube in HD doesn't make sense

MUFC GAMER: Is there any good free app that would have hd quality not livenet swift streamz Redbox live lounge or tvtap

Javier Arroyo: Is it any different if I'm hardwired already! I tried to change it and nothing happened

Toad Phillips: How fast of internet do you need? Right now I have 30mbps but it's dirt cheap the 100mbps is literally 4x more expensive a month.

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Chi tiết

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