InMotion Hosting: How to Change Your Site and Home URL in WordPress


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Guides mentioned in video: Find and Change Document Root - Code for wp-config.php file - If you ever want to change your WordPress URL, or the location of your WordPress files, you will want to know about the Site URL and Home Settings in WordPress. Essentially, your WordPress address is where WordPress core files are located, and the Site address is the URL of your WordPress site. There are several places you can change your Site URL and Home Setting in WordPress. I will go over 3 different methods. First I will show you how to change your site URL and Home setting in the WordPress Dashboard. Next, I will show you how to change your Site URL and Home settings in the wp-config file. Then, I'll walk you through changing the Site URL and Home setting directly in the Database. Read our step by step guide for more information: InMotion Hosting Music by HookSounds

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Chi tiết

Xem bảng giá tên miền tại Chi tiết

Hosting giá rẻ tại Chi tiết

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Hazzador: I changed it through the first method and i now have the white screen of death. please help

Stuff Deals: i have one query.... See I'm having domain. and i wanted to change as as your video i can directly make changes in config.php file but should i buy first to made such changes ??? or i can directly change without buying new address???

Sunil Dora: Sir, by mistake I had changed my site url and WordPress address url. I have done both the 2nd and 3rd method of your video. But still my site is not opening while I enter my website url. Can you please help me out...

thisismolloy: I did the first one and it has fucked me! How do I change I can’t get in and nothing is working?

ahmed shaban: thank you so so much

Yani Alexander: If there’s nothing on my site, would it be easier to just create a new site and then delete the site with the old url?

Matthew M: Holy $hit..... can you please fix how you balance volume in your video, started off where I had to turn up volume to hear you then..... BAM !!! time to blow the speakers with the F ing intro music. Moving on !

in&as: how to change in google cloud.

Tonia Rueda: As soon as I changed the Wordpress URL and Site Address it crashed and I was given "The requested URL /index.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." I had to go into phpmyadmin and the database and change it back.

armando silva: Thanks so much! very helpfull , however Please stop looking at the camera like a psychopath

Lenny Marchand: I have a domain that I need to change from one domain name to another? Here is the present domain : :// changing it to :// Do i use the same process as described in this video??? Do i need to change it in the on the site in the 1) settings section and in the 2)wp.config file 3) PhpMy Admin file Thanks for your input????

Moto Guy: Thanks so lot man

rimsha laraib: my website is block when i change my general url 😠😠😠😠

JOHN SAMUEL: Thank you so much! :)

Đạt Đỗ: Hi Bro, I am following your videos but when I change my url on setting wordpress, my website sudden lost css and When i access to my homeside status 404. How can I do right now. I hope you help. Thanks

Ann-Cathrin Joest: Hmm.. its not there lol.

Jeanette Christina Mikkelsen: I just tried doing this, and now I can't sign in to WP-Admin, what can i do? I've tried also to change the url in my database, phpMyAdmin... And also tried via my web-host’s cPanel - Still can't sign in.. Please help

Specticles: |----->> Thank you Very Much Sir <<-----|

TamWana: Awesome, thank you!

Tanisa Nadira: Thank you for the video! I wanted to ask, if I have a .net that I wish to change to a .com, can I still use the .net for another website?

Authentically Me: Hi inMotion Hosting I have went to this screen and those tabs are grayed out so not able to change anything, any idea how i can change that? Please help. Thanks

Revina Rachmat: Thanks John-Paul!

mantenimiento: According to the info I just received from the template vendor, I´m supposed to change "all files" to a new location in the CPanel ???

Nuseli Baller: thanks a lot for this, but my problem is l have my url ending with .info and l want to change it to .com. Do l have to buy and register the .com before ? And how do l buy and register the .com? Please l need this help because l dont wanna loose my site. Thanks

Jonatán Valdez: Thanks it also works in google cloud.

Romio xxx Gaming: NICE

adm My WordPress domain name already expired, can I change with new domain name without activate my old domain name?

Vladan Cole: I changed the url name to in settings on dashboard and now I can't access the site. It says 'Internal server error'. I installed wordpress again on my cpanel, on that same domain name I changed it into ( and now I have a brand new wordpress site so I have to create everything all over again.

Ecrag Group: We tried this and it said 'page not found'; how can we reverse it?

Unknown Amazing Chap: Thanks for the great video! Please tell me; if I make this URL change, do I have to all three these methods or is just one of them enough?

Benie: PLease help me. I actually changed my domain name from my wordpressword dashboard. I have done this but still cant see anything


Mac Naveedtom: This video was very helpful and helped me a lot. Thanks a ton once again for such a wonderful assist :-)

Mac Naveedtom: Thank you so much!

Harel Levi: QUESTION- Where can I find the code to copy?

Pedro Wallie: One question: does the name you want to change your url to have to be pre-registered? Or if it is not then visitors get a redirect notice?

Pedro Wallie: Your teaching is very clear and easy to understand, showing that you are very good at the subject you teach. Thanks a lot.

Mary B: My settings page doesn't look like this. Ugh. I have been struggling ith this for days!

Budget Boss Coupons: Question ? I can not change mine.Both boxes Wordpress address (url ) and Site address (url ) are grayed out. any suggestions on how to unlock those boxes

gregs randomshite: Thanks for this helpful video. If I change my URL, do I lose all my blog followers? I image that if people have bookmarked my page, if I change it, they'll still only be going to the old address.

ცɛŞɧO CհÖմ ςհ๏ย: well i tried that but i have lost my website. after changing i kept on getting " this site can't be reached" i changed the url back and got my website back but i really wanna change home and site url

Shakeyla Turton: Thank you so much! Your video really saved the day.

Maria Busto: Hi I made changes as instructed in your video. But when I did I was still locked out of site. I tried to change it back to the original .com/wordpress url and put the folders I moved back into the wordpress folder and I'm still locked out. My site isn't even live any more and my host won't help (Go Daddy). I'm now getting an Error 500. Could you please advise?

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Xem bảng giá tên miền tại Chi tiết

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