Tutorial on bypassing the retarded download limit on many file sharing websites using Hotspot Shield


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The Title says it all. Please read the description for download links and other info. Here is the link to Hotspot Shield (for Windows users): http://www.hotspotshield.com/ For Mac users: http://www.hotspotshield.com/vpn-for-mac For iphone users: http://www.hotspotshield.com/vpn-for-iphone Mobile Security (For smartphones/androids) http://www.hotspotshield.com/mobile-security Use this program for downloading from the "troublesome" websites (eg. Nitroflare): https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en Link to another good VPN: http://hola.org/ If you see a new User Account on your PC called "fbwuser" (not visible/accessible on/from the account list/menu) please do not be alarmed. The fbwuser account was created by Hotspot Shield to keep the "openvpntray.exe" running for bridging purposes. Info about Bridging can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridging_(networking) Please remember to delete the cookies of a website which you downloaded from. Some websites (like Uploaded.net) use cookies to track your downloads; rendering your bypassing attempts useless. To easily accomplish this, please download this addon for Google Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/editthiscookie/fngmhnnpilhplaeedifhccceomclgfbg?hl=en (Thanks to GuccizBud for the awesome info) It is incredibly useful for bypassing download limitations! Just go to a website whose cookies you want to delete and click on the addon's (cookie) icon. Choose "Delete all", and you're ready! Be sure to like and share the video if it helped you. Happy cheating, guys! PS: My current internet speed: https://imgur.com/a/OyMkd PPS: I meant no disrespect when I said "If you laugh at my inet speed". I said that because many people (and I do mean MANY) made fun of my connection in the past... And also because the downloading speed can reach over 1GB in North America and certain parts of Europe. So, please refrain from writing hateful comments. Thank you for your understanding. Update: Here are the accomplishments of this video: http://romhustler.net/ Read under - PS2 for direct download - no longer TurtleShare

Xem các chương trình khuyến mại tại Inet.vn Chi tiết

Xem bảng giá tên miền tại Inet.vn Chi tiết

Hosting giá rẻ tại Inet.vn Chi tiết

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GuccizBud: Changing your IP only works if the website in question doesn't get around that with the use of cookies. If the website deposits a cookie on your system every time you download something from them, then just swapping the IP won't work, because that cookie is a red flag to them, a marker which tells them "this guy downloaded from us at such-and-such time" (the time coming from the cookie's time/date stamp). If they do that ( in my experience there are more that do than don't ) then your new download will still be blocked, IP or no IP. So along with the IP switch you want to delete all cookies from the website you're downloading from. You can, of course, just do Ctrl + Shift + Del and then delete cookies for "Last Hour", but that'll delete ALL of them, for ALL websites, and you may not want to do that, so for those that use Firefox along with the video's uploader, you can get a free extension called "Edit Cookies", which you can use as if it was called "Delete Specific Cookies". Stick it on a Firefox toolbar somewhere so you have easy access to it, and use it when you do your IP swapping thing to delete that website's cookies at the same time. Generally the first few letters of a website's cookies will be the same as the site's name, so for example if it's RapidShare, you would enter _Rapid_ in the Edit Cookies search field and click the  [ Filter/Refresh ]  button. It will return only all the cookies RapidShare deposited on your system… you would then highlight them all and just click the  [ Delete ]  button, then close the extension's window and proceed with your next download, having taken care of _both_ of their pre-download verifications, IP address _and_ cookies. Mmmm, cookies.

MattyzDIY: This guy is awesome ☻

Riley Hunte: Does it work with hitfile? I refreshed and got the same limit reached message

Stepan Lajsek: I recommend you to download roms from romsmania

Sudipta Roy: bro i really need to your urgent help, i tried using your method(using hotspot shield) to download a big file in NitroFlare(which was only for premium option), but i was unsuccessful, will subscribe and share your channel if you can help me out, thank you

vishwajeet barnwal: I mean it can bypass speed limit too right??

SHAQTINAFOOL_YT: What a legend bro. 7 years later and your tutorial still helped me. Great title too🤣👍. You got a sub right here

qwertydog979: But how do you bypass download speed limits?

LegateeJB: Thanks!

Jason Production: Ookla internet speed test: 35mbps Downloading Dirt Rally: 4 mbps


BaSs4cE11: can confirm dude is legit

ragnarok1984p: is there a way to bypass that crappy "this file is for premium users only" ? or at least ensure the site has said file before becoming a premium so that i don't get premium just to read "file you are trying to access has been removed" ?

Stan: bye dumbass 1 mb download limit

user of username: nice

BreakGamer Channel: are you using VPN?

DORGZ: ur a legend

ExoticMachines ExoticMachines: Where do you go to get the older version 7.5.0. Thanks!

Rishikesh Sarangi: 2013 youtube wildin

ZCRUB GAMING: thanks mate.

jpowers55: Is this for people using free downloads or does this work for those with paid premium accounts?

Trevor Philips: is it available on Android?

The Old Gringo: Another workaround is to change your VPN location.

Harry Robinson: Nice idea for that type of problem, thing is most problems ocure with sites that download slow, and yo upay to be able to download fast, without a limit of time. You can down load 1 ro 10 files, no wait problem is the speed, not the a time limit.

Sniff Heinkel: This has probably already been pointed out but if you google ROM files you can find site that let you download as many as you want.

nista neznam: it asking for a credit card

Andy Yaworski: Wow this guys loves the sound of his own voice. He could have shortened this video by 3 minutes by just getting to the point! Nice tip though, I do appreciate that.

Puszka ?Pandory?: I KURWA LOVE U

Jules Ivan Garay: I use Opera Browser's built-in VPN to bypass limits.. but the download speed is still slow (even if I use IDM).. Do you have Idea on how to speedup download speed?

The Swedish Girl: hahah i just love that you express your hate with "retarded" XDD But I agree, it's annoying you have to pay or wait to download.... :I

Amardeep Kumar: thanks .it worked

Oda Eiichiro: I love your background from rurouni kenshin

I do what I want!: does it work with upstore?

MegaChaos91: I have recently come across an interesting little addon for Google Chrome. The addon's name is *Hola* and its purpose is that of a VPN. I tried it and it works. Best of all? It's Free. Just Google "vpn hola" and it will appear in the results. Don't forget to delete your cookies via *EditThisCookie* prior to changing your IP address!

MegaChaos91: Just wanted to point something out. Hotspot Shield offers a 7-day trial. However... It asks for your Credit Card Information. The version I tested this on was 7.5.0. With that said... I highly suggest you use an older version of the program, or switch to some other VPN. The video is almost 5 years old now. HS still works, but you have to use an older version of the program.

KJ: Don't worry about your connection, man mines is more but its still only 2-3mb/s

Paladin: still works?

RW Entertainment: perfect voice, you would make an excellent Dracula .

Cherno: How is your internet today?

Damario Haynes: Awesome

akrame grimed: Thank you bro is very simple nice idea

TOMYSSHADOW: For anyone curious how this is working, it's a proxy service - basically, it's like if your internet asked someone else to fetch the file for you. Nowadays you're probably better off using a free VPN such as Betternet for this purpose. These types of tools will make your internet slower when you're using them, since it adds an additional step in order to download the file.

shxzhii: whoa still works LOL

Matthew: what if your trying to do it bypass a vpn you cant bypass a vpn with a vpn xD

Trap Wolf: lmfao i like you man

muhd azim Hilmi: Thank you so much....

Svensk Void: Still works today, thanks m8

MM6: This is incredibly helpful, thanks!

Dan A: Omg thanks man! I thought I'd be one of those unlucky fks that it won't work for...

Dalek Dazza: If you are downloading large files like around 200 MB use it to download it then turn it off so the download is faster

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